Mohammed Abdul Khader

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader a great friend of mine. I met him for the first time in 2001 during the implementation of APRLP Programme in Mahabubnagar District. At that time he was with DWMA. Again we worked together during my consultancy with Andhra Pradesh State Lift Irrigation schemes (APSIDC), where he was associated with the social engineering, monitoring, capacity building etc. Together we have spent about 2 years travelling to the different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Recently he has joined the Junior college as Principle, brought commendable change in the college environment and as well in the students. Last he has called me to his college to show how he has involved the students in planting trees. Upon his request, I have given a lecture to the students on Entrepreneurship.

His work for the welfare of communities is commendable. He has always accepted the tasks relevant to the common man. His commitment and dedication even for his any one seeking suggestion /help was always there. Through CRID he has facilitated several activities to the communities around Achampet in Mahabubnagar District.

He is no more with us........but still inspires me.